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Dyno Services

Dyno Services in Mechanicsville, VA

We provide dyno services to drivers in Mechanicsville, VA, Hanover, VA, King William, VA, and surrounding areas who are looking to tune or graph their vehicles. Get a dyno tune and increase your ride's performance today.

Keep in mind, Rick’s Tire and Auto also offers NOS so we can best serve your performance needs.

Dyno Tune FAQ

What is dyno tuning?

Dyno tuning is arguably the best method for tuning your vehicle. Our dyno services are specific to your vehicle, taking into account how it runs from start to finish and giving our mechanics the best understanding of how to modify it to perform at its best for you.

How does dyno tuning work?

We hook your vehicle up to a device called the Dynocom 5000, a dynamometer that accurately measures force, torque, and power. We tune your vehicle's computer and parts as appropriate based on the results, and/or we graph what we find so you can understand where your vehicle's performance stands. Because dyno tuning looks at how your specific vehicle performs, it allows us to truly maximize its performance.

Rick’s Tire and Auto Provides Dyno Services

Choose what's right for you. Check out our dyno service packages now.

Power Baseline Acceleration Pull ($75.00)

This service measures the baseline performance of a vehicle. Perfect for drivers who want a better understanding of their vehicle before tuning.


  • Hook-up & Disconnection
  • Three Dyno Acceleration Pulls
  • Dyno Graphs

Additional acceleration pulls are $10.00

Chassis Rental- 2 Hour Minimum ($100.00/hr)

Designed for drivers and companies that would like to rent our chassis dyno to test their vehicles. Great option for testers who want to understand how a vehicle will perform in different situations without taking the vehicle on the road or manually creating conditions. Vehicle testers can measure engine power before and after ECM/PCM calibration changes. Please note, this dyno service is limited to electronic changes while at our shop.


  • Hook-up & Disconnection
  • Unlimited Acceleration Pulls
  • Graphs

Group Rental ($700.00/day, $375.00/half day)

Designed for large groups and special events where a dyno is desired. Perform tests on as many vehicles possible in a day.


  • Hook-up & Disconnection
  • 8 Hours of Rental Time
  • Unlimited Chassis Pulls
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Use
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Graphs
  • Power Output Graphs
  • Professional Consultation from Rick’s Tire and Auto technicians

Give one of our dyno packages a try today.

Labor Rate

Our cost of labor is $88.00 per hour.

Carbureted Vehicle Power Tuning, By Request

Made for drivers with modified vehicles who want the technicians at Rick’s Tire and Auto to tune and dial their rides fir the best performance.


  • Hook-up & Disconnection
  • Unlimited Chassis Pulls
  • Air/Fuel Ratio Graphs
  • Power Output Graphs
  • Adjustments to float levels, idle mixture, WOT throttle opening, idle speed, choke, fast idle cam, part throttle jetting, main jetting, ignition timing, and valve train
  • Carbureter overhaul and sales available as well

Please note that the Header Pipe Air/Fuel Ratio service is needed during this service for its accuracy.

When you're ready for a dyno service, contact Rick’s Tire and Auto. We're happy to increase the performance of your vehicle and look forward to working with you. Give us a call, visit us in person, or contact us online to learn more.

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